This next pattern from my stash is a bit of a mystery:

The torn mailing label was with the stash of patterns from Mrs. William Key. The date on this pattern is May 3, 1971.

Remember Mrs. Key? Nellie Key? She of the lovely and extensive mail-order pattern collection?

This one is interesting because it seems rare — The Machinist magazine — and the patterns look strikingly like that of Anne Adams.

There’s no company name or logo on this pattern, and if you look back to an earlier Anne Adams post, the artwork and instructions are almost the same.

This is a cute pattern. It is complete, with well written instructions.

But I know nothing about The Machinist. Was it her magazine? Was this a subscription that Mr. Key took, similar to Grit Magazine?

Maybe on a boring, rainy day Nellie Key sat down at her kitchen table in Tennessee, and leafed through her husband’s latest magazine from the mailbox — and that’s how she found this pattern.

She left an artifact in her pattern:

A stainless steel straight pin.

The dress is cute; a style I’d probably sew. I might give it a go.